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Raffle: Original Kathy Goodwind Astroid

Congratulations to Carl Williamson in Pacific Beach, Washington for winning the Original Kathy Goodwind Astroid!

This month we are offering an Original Kathy Goodwind Astroid to be raffled exclusively to our AKA Members and tickets will be available through most of this month with a winner drawn on June 1st, 2015!

NOTE: You must be an active AKA member to enter this raffle, tickets ($2 each) are available via the AKA Members Forum link below (click here to become a member– this raffle goes to one winner.


Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the members forum.

Raffle Item: Original Kathy Goodwind Astroid

This month we are offering a Kathy Goodwinds original Astroid.  This kite was first introduced to the public in 1984 and has been popular ever since. This Astroid was made by and signed by Kathy.It is 15 inches tall and 26 inches across the wings.


Kathy Goodwinds Astroid

Kathy Goodwinds Astroid


Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the members forum.