Raffle: Snake Eye OzFeathers

Drawing complete 8/1/13
Congratulations to Alexa King of Washington!

OzFeathers (logo)Thanks to Linda Sanders’ donation from OzFeathers, one lucky AKA member will be winning this beautiful, coordinated mural set of 9 foot 3 inch feather banners (does NOT include poles) – tickets will be available through all of July, and one winner will be drawn on August 1st, 2013!

NOTE: You must be an active AKA member to enter this raffle, tickets ($2 each) are available via the AKA Members Forum link below (click here to become a member– all three banners goes to one winner.

OzFeather Package: “Snake Eye” Feather Set

This series of 9’3″ tall banners featuring a snake-eye motif originated from Facebook kite friends Guy Reynolds (UK) and Christian Baden Powell (Germany).

Guy had drawn the design and Christian had made the Rokkaku kite.  I found the strength of the colours extremely powerful and so, with their “okay”, this one-of-a-kind series was created specifically to be offered to AKA members for this monthly raffle.

I started with a .jpg image of the snake-eye, then produced a Vector graphic which was a perfect fit for three banner widths.
I had to make them!

The Eye made me do it…

Technical specs. – 9’3″ x 2’6″ per banner (will fit all 10′ poles), set of three made from 200 denier SolarMax flag nylon, with UV-inhibitor coating to resist fading, mould resistant, quiet in the wind, and brightest pre-dyed colours.  Complete with 1000D Cordura top cap reinforcing, and lower-edge bungee for securing to any pole system.  Please note again – this package does NOT include poles.

Design on left, actual feather display on right.

Design on left, actual feather display on right.

Here are the actual banners in action:



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