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AKA Feature Flier – Brett Marchel

Follow along daily to see who the featured fliers for National Kite Month throughout April are.   First up, we have Director at Large Brett Marchel.


1. Tell us about yourself – I’m Brett Marchel, from the Detroit Michigan area. I have not been flying long but in my short kiting career I’ve found myself infatuated with multi line sport kites. I bought my first kite 4 years ago, a premier vision dual line but not long after I found the quad world. I love having a quad in my hands so I can play around people and put a smile on their face. Although most of my time is spent flying the quad kites I really enjoy anything with lines in the sky. I dabble in everything. 2 years ago I started sewing out of necessity to keep my kites going as I’m very rough flying in urban settings. It wasn’t long after I wanted to build a kite. Since then I’ve built 4 SLKs and multiple quad line kites. It has really turned into a true love, and how can it not? Kites are fun, relaxing, and great exercise. I never could’ve imagined this fun loving, bubbly community behind all this sky art.
I’ve been flying team for 3 years in line with Team KiteLife as well as leading for the Midwest team, Team SkyFX. I’m currently working with Kite Forge to aid in the prototyping of a new quad. Also I’ve recently taken a seat as a director at large for the AKA. I have no idea what the future has in store for this pint sized flyer but I look forward to crossing lines with each and every one of you.

20180208_1700082. Why did you join the AKA? Showing up to some of the festivals around the Michigan area I was finding most festivals were backed by the AKA. I love the festivals and wanted to see continued support for future events, so I joined. Also, Simon Crafts was relentless so, here I am

3. What is your favorite kite to fly? I honestly love flying most anything but I’m generally found on the field with a quad in my hands

4. Where is your favorite place to fly? In line with the team, no matter where that is


5. If you could fly with anyone, who would it be? I’d love nothing else but to get one more day flying and joking with Steve Tapp. We’d be flying his enigma kites no doubt

6. What is your favorite event or kite festival? South Padre Island, Texas. They LOVE kites!

7. What is the best color combination for a kite? With out a doubt I have to go Rasta here. Black, green, yellow, and red

FB_IMG_15103251108738. You are the ruler of the kite field for the day, what is your first decree? Honestly, not much. Same thing I do now at my local field. Put kites up, give kites to the public, and educate them so their flying experience is the best it can be so they can enjoy it as much as I do. Above and beyond all though, fly happy

LRM_EXPORT_20180219_1645459. What is one funny trait about you that most people do not know? I’m short…just kidding. Well I am short but you know that.

10. Who would you say is your greatest influence in the kite world?

This is an easy one. JB. John Barresi has been with me since almost day one after I bought a quad. From the first lessons to building his prototype quad kites he’s been there no matter what I needed or how dumb the question. I literally owe him everything for where I’ve gotten in such little time. When I first bought a quad all I wanted was to fly in line with him once…once. I’ve now surpassed that number 50 times over. Where to go from here? I’m most certain it’ll be a magical journey




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