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Performance with flair,Or one that’s mundane.You get what you give,And some get insane.

AKA Featured Flier – Joe Eyman

Tell us a little bit about yourself: 60 trips around the sun 🌞, I’m Joe Eyman. I occupy a home in Colorful Colorado! I’ve competed once, Treasure Island! Kites started as physical therapy for me and almost twenty Kites later, I’m looking for just one more! 😆 Why did you join the AKA? Kites, Kites’s and more […]


You Flew Where?!!?

  It seems that one thing that all kite fliers have in common is a desire to fly their kites anywhere and everywhere. Some fly their kites in tricky weather conditions, urban spaces, confined indoor facilities, or where you would least expect it.  Recently we asked our membership on the AKA Facebook page: Where is the […]