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Why Become A Member of the AKA

Members TalkMembership…. this is a powerful and loaded word that carries with it many different meanings.  When we try to encourage folks to join the AKA, often times we talk about the benefits of membership. Some argue that the benefits of joining are more than just the glossy pages of the quarterly magazine, the insurance, and the infrastructure to run competitions, events, and festivals with ease.  That there are non-tangible benefits that come with joining the organization.  Some argue that the benefits are simply not enough. We have heard the cries of those asking for more benefits, and we want to do what we can to make this organization great, but the best ideas on how to do that would come from the thousands of you not from the lone voice in the wilderness.

So, what about joining the AKA makes it worth it for you and what are some benefits that would make it MORE worth it for you?  We have created a simple google form ( http://goo.gl/forms/lGwwgzxyxf ) that is completely anonymous that will allow you to share exactly what you think.  Those at the top are very open to making this organization what it should be, an organization that matches what its members want.  So, if you have a free minute, mind sharing your thoughts?  Do you think that every member should receive a kids kite kit or maybe a members patch? Do you think that there needs to be more archive information available? Send us your ideas and keep your eyes and mind open to what may come next!


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