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KAP Rules

AKA Rules and Procedures for Kite Aerial Photography Competition

AKA members in attendance at the convention will vote on their favorite aerial images and an award will be given for the image with the most votes in the following two categories:

  • AKA Members Choice KAP Award – Must be a member of AKA, must attend the AKA Annual Convention and must have a kite in the picture.
  • Open AKA KAP Competition – Must be a member of AKA and have no kite(s) in the picture. Attendance at the AKA Annual Convention is not required.

Each photo entered in the competition must meet the following requirements:

  1. Photographs submitted must have been taken by the contestant
  2. Photographs submitted must have been made by lifting a camera with a kite
  3. The photographer must be a member in good standing of AKA at the time of the convention.
  4. Images that have received awards in any other competition are not eligible
  5. Images must be submitted as digital jpeg files.
  6. Images may (optionally) be printed with a maximum of 24″ on any side. There is no requirement for mounting or framing.
  7. No signature, watermark, title or explanatory text may appear on the face of the photograph.

Up to three images total (for each categories) may be submitted by each KAP competitor. Example 3 images for each category = 6 total images.

Photographers who submit prints in addition to the required digital JPEG files are encouraged to donate prints to the AKA fund raising auction (this is optional and not required).

Entry includes granting permission to the AKA to publish the images in AKA Kiting and the AKA web site.

Submitting an Entry:

  1. All entries must be submitted as digital JPEG files via e-mail to the AKA KAP Committee.
    1. KAP@aka.kite.org
  2. Each submitted image shall have the following information included with the e-mail submission:
    1. Image title
    2. Submission Category:
      1. AKA Members Choice KAP Award – must have a kite in the picture
      2. Open AKA KAP Competition – no kite(s) in the picture
    3. Photographer’s name and e-mail address
    4. Location where the image was taken
    5. Month and year the image was KAPtured (captured)
    6. Make of camera and kite used
  3. Printed images maybe transported by the submitting KAPer attending the AKA convention or via shipment (UPS/FEDEX/other). Shipment address varies each year. Note digital JPEG files submitted to the above e-mail address are required for all printed submissions.
  4. Deadlines for submission:
    1. Noon on the Thursday prior to the AKA Annual Convention Awards Banquet. Note the late deadline is intentional to permit submissions from the AKA convention week. The deadline is the same for all submissions (digital and printed images).

Competition display and voting during the AKA Annual Convention Banquet:

Note: the display of images & voting process may vary slightly year to year and with the convention venue. The following are guidelines only with a focus on a simple straight forward process that is fair and easy to administer.

  1. Printed submissions will be displayed during the week and during the banquet
  2. Printed images will be placed on a flat table or wall.
  3. All entries will be projected using a PC projector and or HDTV during the banquet using the submitted digital JPEG files and optionally at AKA venues during the convention week.
  4. All entries will be posted to a gallery on the AKA web site so all attendees can view the images using smart devices (phones / tables / laptops) at their own leisure.
  5. A picture collage of all images will be printed with unique numbers for each picture and displayed with the printed submissions and posted in the AKA image gallery.
    1. Pictures in the AKA Members Choice KAP Award category will be numbered 100-199
    2. Pictures in the Open AKA KAP Competition category will be numbered 200-299
  6. AKA members in attendance at the banquet may view the images both electronically (projected images or from their electronic devices at their own leisure) and printed in the designated display area. AKA members in attendance at the banquet will select the best picture in each category by writing the number of the picture (as displayed on the picture collage) on their ballot (handed out while entering the banquet) and placing the completed ballot in the ballot box.
  7. The AKA KAP Chairperson in attendance with assistance from AKA members in attendance will count and award 1st place to each KAP category:
    • AKA Members Choice KAP Award – must have a kite in the picture
    • Open AKA KAP Competition – no kite(s) in the picture