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Pairs & Team Flying

(video from YouTube – video by Red Bull)

First popularized in the late 80s and early 90s, team flying (3 or more pilots) with dual and quad line kites has reached global proportions with the World Sport Kite Championships, indoor kite team shows and even world record mega flies with over 60 pilots flying their kites in formation under a single leader.

Not unlike a Blue Angels type of group, sport kite teams use pre-planned maneuvers and a series of commands from the lead pilot, giving them the ability to perform extremely complex routines which are fully choreographed to music of their own choosing.

Team Flying Examples


With over 100 pairs and teams active around the world, you can find a lot of helpful information here: Facebook Sport Kite Pairs/Teams


 Articles on Sport Kite Flying

Pairing up – Donna & Jeff McCown First published in Kiting magazine 2011 Vol 33 Issue 1, updated photos added 2018

The Sporting Life – Changing Sport Kite Competition – by Marc Conklin Originally published in Kiting Magazine 2011 Vol 33 Issue 1