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Kite Styles

The variety of shapes and sizes for kites are nearly endless… From giant flying creatures to miniature wonders, high speed stunt kite formation flying to elegant and windless indoor flying, there is a style of kite out there for anyone.

Single line kites are an amazing canvas for works of art, stable or dynamic, a single tethered string holds these kites aloft – perfect for sky displays while you’re relaxing on the beach.

Sport kites are interactive, flipping, stalling and generally roaring through the sky, sometimes in team formations or decorated with long flowing tails.

Indoor kites cover the whole spectrum including single line, dual and quad line, designed to be light enough for zero-wind flying indoors with nominal movement and a high degree of control.

Power kites are controllable, but only enough to generate and direct enormous amounts of power for jumping, kite buggy, land boarding (KGB) and kite surfing.

Common Kite Styles (partial list)